2011 Tone Americana EVIL*ROBOT 18/30 watt Head and 2 x 12 Cabinet. Vintage Brown. 10.00 #01226/#01227.
Color: Vintage brown, Rating: 10.00, Sold (ID# 1226)
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The Ultimate Go To Amp...


Housed in a Birch wood enclosure, the Evil*Robot Head is the ultimate go to amp with rich tone, plenty of head room for clean laying and the balls to cut down the best of the high gain rock amps in history. It is a simple, but extremely effective circuit based around a 50's style 6V6 class A design. No other amp has the dynamics and the creamy full body tone like the Evil*Robot Head.


The Evil*Robot Head has the same features of its predecessor the Evil*Robot Combo, but with more power and multiple speaker taps for 4, 8, and 16 ohm speakers. By simply pulling out the loudness A knob, the power goes from 18W to 30W RMS.


In addition, the Evil*Robot Head has a matching 2 x 12 Cabinet mad and shaped like the Evil*Robot Combo housing two custom USA speakers.

Nice guitar. Cool color and

Nice guitar.
Cool color and looks mint!

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