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User privacy is of paramount importance to us. The success of our business depends upon our ability to maintain your trust. Below is information regarding our commitment to protect your privacy and to ensure the integrity of the Internet.

During your visit to our site, we do not collect any personally-identifiable information about you which you do not specifically volunteer. On occasion, you may volunteer personal information by choosing to contact us. However, even this information, which you have chosen to share with us, will only be used by us to directly contact you about items of your interest. We will never sell, rent, or otherwise distribute your submitted information to anyone.
We do, however, automatically collect certain non-personally-identifiable information about you, such as your browser type and the IP address that your ISP designates to your machine. This is standard practice for web sites, and is not used for any purpose other than to evaluate how we can design the site to best serve your needs. Again, this information will never be sold, rented, or otherwise distributed to anyone.

We, along with thousands of other Web sites, may use JavaScript, cookies, and/or browser sessions to enhance your experience. These technologies may be used in our site to ease your navigation and increase your enjoyment of the site.
Cookie data is not stored on the server, and therefore, not available for viewing by our staff or any third parties. However, it is possible that security flaws exist in some browsers that would allow other site administrators to write malicious scripts that would collect this data without our knowledge, though this is quite unlikely. We strongly encourage that internet users manage their use of cookies in accordance with their comfort level for security. Having said that, please keep in mind that surfing the web these days with JavaScript or cookies disabled can seriously diminish your browsing experience.

Currently, this site uses one cookie to store your "matches per page" preference. This cookie should be stored by your browser under the domain "". The name of the cookie is "groupSizeCookie" and its value will be a two digit number that corresponds to your chosen preference for the number of displayed results per page. If you would like to confirm this information, most current browsers allow you view the cookies and their values stored on your machine.

We are committed to continually protect the privacy of our users. If you have any additional questions, comments, or suggestions, please don't hesitate to contact us.
We recommend that you review this Privacy Statement periodically, as we may update it from time to time without notice to users.

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