Our Mission

We specialize in acquiring and offering the finest specimens of American vintage electric guitars with particular attention to those in their complete, original state. As far as we know, we are the only dealer to embrace a written Code of Ethics. We encourage you to read it. (Please scroll down to read it).

"I have been collecting and studying rare vintage electric guitars for over forty years. This love affair began when I was a bass player touring England during the Swingin' Sixites and met the key British guitar players on their rise to greatness.

Now, I specialize in acquiring and offering for sale only the finest examples of the finest rare guitars in the world.

I personally examine each guitar in depth and detail. Our full descriptions and specification sheets have set the standard for quality and accuracy.

Meticulous scholarship, ethical conduct, fair dealing, and the highest level of discreet personal service are our core values from which we shall never waver." - David Brass


President: David Brass
David is an internationally renowned antiquarian bookseller who has been dealing in rare and collectable books and original artwork for the past forty-five years. He was President of the Antiquarian Booksellers Association in England from 1990-1992, a member of the British Antique Dealers Association, and President of the Southern California Chapter of the Antiquarian Booksellers' Association of America from 2001-2003. Over the years, David has built many great investment-quality collections of rare books and original artwork for collectors worldwide, and feels that there is a marked correlation between these collecting and investment fields and that of American vintage guitars.


Vice President: Caroline Brass
In charge of all administration, and our day to day operation, Caroline brings much energy and enthusiasm to the table. A collector in her own right, she has the experience necessary to make this business thrive.



Media Relations: Debra Brass
Debra handles the Media Relations for Fretted Americana and is also a gifted and artistic graphic designer who sometimes works with Dustin. She interned for us while she was at university, but then chose to venture into the graphic design world. Debra is fluent in digital technology and has designed for several Entertainment Studios including Disney, Fox and Sony, where she specialized in DVD, Blu-Ray, and Advanced Content Media. She brought her skills and knowledge back to Fretted Americana in order to follow in her father’s footsteps and aspire to be the driving force in Vintage Guitar World Domination.



We wish to establish an ongoing relationship with you based upon your trust in our knowledge and judgment.

To that end:
We meticulously inspect in detail every guitar that we offer. We check the finish, all of the electrical components, serial numbers, etc. With over thirty years of experience collecting and handling vintage guitars and our enormous reference library, we bring to bear all that is known about guitar manufacturers, models, and annual production.


We provide full, detailed descriptions and specs to each guitar.

We openly disclose any and all flaws we discover, in writing. If the instrument is not completely “straight,” we will tell you so and why.

We endeavor to conduct ourselves to the highest standard of professional behavior.

We will deal fairly and ethically; no surprises, flim-flam, dubious business practices or shenanigans.

We value your sense of privacy and uphold the highest standards of discretion and respect.

We allow a full 48 hour honeymoon period when you buy a guitar from us. Please inspect your new guitar immediately upon receiving it. If you are not 100% satisfied with it we will refund the purchase price in full (less a re-stocking fee of $250, shipping costs, credit card, Paypal or wire transfer fees) upon return of the guitar, if when it is returned to us it is in exactly the same condition as when sold. Please call us before returning the instrument.


Amplifiers are not returnable.


All errors and omissions excepted.



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