Refurbishing Vintage Instruments is Our Passion

We want to inspire and win your trust and confidence. You don't want to have any negative surprises upon receipt of an instrument that you've invested yourself as well as your money into. Nor do you want any untoward surprises should you decide to sell it in the future.

To that end, every guitar that we offer is catalogued to a degree and depth of detail that is fast becoming the standard in the trade. When we declare an instrument to be completely original, it is. If it is not, we tell you exactly in what manner it has been altered.

We photograph each guitar at many angles to provide you with the broadest, clearest sense of its appearance. We will, upon request, provide you with images of all electronic components, inside and out.

Each guitar we acquire is skillfully and painstakingly dissected by David Brass, who is a trained luthier as well as a dealer and collector. All parts, no matter how small, are meticulously examined. We have an enviable reference library of wide breadth and scope that we refer to when necessary for crucial facts. The instrument is put under a black-light: original finish or refin? Even the most skillfully masked ding is uncovered. David then fastidiously reassembles the instrument. It is then cleaned with the finest products available for wood and metal.

An inspection certificate of authenticity signed by David is provided with every guitar you purchase.

We keep our inventory relatively small and highly select. We choose our guitars with extreme care so we can offer you the finest examples of the finest rare guitars in the world.

We are client focused to an extraordinary degree. If you expect or would like to be surprised by courteous, professional client service, we will pleased to accommodate that desire.

It is our fervent wish to establish a long-term relationship with you.

We are always keenly interested in acquiring fine vintage guitars and amplifiers.


Consignments are welcome. If you would like to take advantage of our name and contacts to find a home for your instrument, please ask about our terms. Your instrument will be secure and fully insured while in our care.


We ship worldwide by FedEx, and UPS fully insured, at cost. Please inquire about rates.


We are pleased to extend a 48-hour approval period on all instruments purchased without prior physical examination by you. If you are not completely satisfied with the instrument simply contact us within 48 hours of receipt, and then return it in the same condition you received it for a full refund, less freight charges, or any related costs including credit card transactions, taxes, and duties levied, especially when returning from international locations. We charge a $250 restocking fee. The 48-hour approval period does not apply to amplifiers.


If you purchase an instrument from us and later decide to get a different one, we are happy to discuss trade-in options.


9.50         MINT -- As good as it gets!

9.25         NEAR MINT -- In fine original condition, with minimal lacquer checking.

9.00         EXCEPTIONALLY FINE -- In fine original condition, with minimal wear.

8.75         EXCELLENT PLUS -- Minor scratches and small chips.

8.50         EXCELLENT -- Light playing wear.

8.00         VERY GOOD PLUS -- Moderate playing wear.

7.50         VERY GOOD -- Played, but totally original.

7.00         GOOD -- Has had some professional repair or replaced parts.



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