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Tone Americana. Evil*Robot Mini Phil X Custom Troublemaker.


EVIL*ROBOT Mini Phil X Custom Troublemaker.

Two years ago we announced the EVIL*ROBOT which has now become one of the most popular and sought-after amps among many musicians. Last year we announced the EVIL*ROBOT-C30 which has enjoyed similar success.

For NAMM 2013 we proudly announce the little amp for everyone - The EVIL ROBOT Mini Troublemaker with more features and that classic EVIL*ROBOT sound. The versatile and compact Troublemaker will be the amp for players of all ages.

The EVIL*ROBOT Mini was created for the fans of Phil X. Don't let the size fool you, it is packed with tone and professional effects that well blow your mind. Under the hood is an analog mixed circuit design with the latest power amp technology carefully put together to work just like a guitar player would imagine. From jamming at your office desk, using it with your mobile devices, or playing a live show, this little Troublemaker does it all.

"Troublemaker, indeed. I can't believe how loud the E*R Mini gets for such a small box. The effects are GREAT & tons of fun! Living room, dressing room, bus lounge...etc. I feel like putting on a concert every time I plug in." Phil X


Available:  approx June 2013


10W class D power amp

2 channels, Clean and Distortion

Loudness, Master Volume, Tone

Channel switching from front panel and optional foot switch

HP – Headphone out

External speaker out, used to drive external speaker

MD – Mobile device IN/OUT to record and play from mobile phone or tablet/PAD

Built in effects mix, rate and reverb controls (Simulated spring reverb), Delay, Chorus and Auto Wah

4” full range 15W speaker

AC or Batter powered, takes 6 “C” Batteries. 12V DC adapter included

Wood cabinet, black tolex

Pop-up Metal handle

Accessory, 12W powered extension cabinet used for stack or iPOD hookup.

Size: 8 3/8 x 7 5/8 x 4 1/2 inches

Net weight: 4 lbs


Available:  approx June 2013

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