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Tone Americana Reverb Pedal

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Tone Americana Reverb Pedal

The Tone Americana Reverb Pedal was designed to fill a void in the guitar amplifier industry. We wanted a pedal that would not detract from the natural tone of the EVIL*ROBOT Amplifier. In addition, the E*R could not be retrofitted with a reverb circuit since it would take away from the great tone. The pedal had to be simple, effective and economical. Kasha Amplifiers has been working on such a pedal for two years, and it is now available only through Tone Americana. This simple pedal, which sounds very much like the real thing, combining old school analog and advanced digital technique to recreate a vintage reverb.

Tone Americana’s vintage style reverb pedal design by Kasha Amplifiers provides a simple solution for amplifiers and audio systems that don’t have an integrated spring reverb. This reverb pedal is simple requiring no tweaking. It has one knob to mix in the right amount of reverb and dry tone for any musical arrangement. It is versatile for many styles of music such as jazz, blues, country and rock. Go from a light spring blues sound to more saturated echo for surf music with a quick turn of the dial. It sounds great in the front end of an amp, home recording system or through an effects loop.

When the reverb pedal is switched off, it does not interfere with the original instrument’s tone since it is true bypass switching. It runs on a single 9V battery or used with a standard effects AC/DC adapter. Compatible with BOSS PS style power supplies. You will love this pedal and won’t want to turn it off, it sounds that good.

Tone Americana makes amplifiers and effects for musicians world wide. Artist Phil X, David Brass and John Kasha have teamed up to produce vintage tone that is affordable for all generations of music enthusiasts. Evil Robot line of amplifiers, cabinets and now effects are being used in professional studios and live venues across USA and abroad. All Tone Americana products are hand made in the USA.

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