EVIL*ROBOT Combo Cover Merchandise

Tone Americana EVIL*ROBOT Combo Cover

Color: Light Brown, Rating: 10.00, Sold (ID# 01463)
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The Ultimate Accessory for your new EVIL*ROBOT Combo - A Custom Cover.

EVIL*ROBOT Combo Cover.

Reminiscent of a Vintage Amplifier Cover, the EVIL*ROBOT Custom Cover is the best accessory for your new EVIL*ROBOT Combo.

It's made out of Vinyl (PVC) in a vintage brown color.

The cover is also lined with polyester felt and comes with the EVIL*ROBOT logo embroidered on the front.

The cover will protect your Combo from dust in your studio and will prevent scratches and dings when gigging and moving.

The Custom Cover truly is the ultimate accessory!

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