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Product: 1405

Color: Grey and Green, Rating: 9.00, $75.00 (ID# 01405)
Call to Inquire: (818) 222-4113

This pedal will escort you to your own personal overdrive heaven...


Jacques Tube Blower Overdrive Pedal.


Jacques. Tube Blower Overdrive Pedal. Grey with green accents. Dimensions are 4 1/4" L x 2 1/4" W x 1 1/2" D. In original box with original instruction manual.

The TUBEBLOWER is an ultimate overdrive pedal featuring extended gain range as well as active bass and treble boosters.

Preserving the original qualities of your guitar and amp, it still allows complete tonal flexibility that can be expected from tube-like based overdrive device.

From clean boost --with normal output pick-ups-- to raging valve-flavored tone, and of course classic overdrive, its two tonal boosters will escort you to your own personal overdrive heaven.

No surprise, the TUBEBLOWER is the best selling pedal of the Jacques line.



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