JLG6 Darling - Buckeye Burl Guitars

2014 JLG6 Darling - Buckeye Burl

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2014 Alembic JLG6 Darling - Buckeye Burl.


This Alembic Darling guitar with an offset asymmetrical double cutaway chambered body weighs just 8.40 lbs. Thirteen and a half inch wide, one and five eighth inch deep, seven-layer highly figured hand-carved 'sandwich' of Buckeye Burl, Purpleheart, Maple, Mahogany core, Maple, Purpleheart, Buckeye Burl with an 'Omega' carve on bottom edge. Neck-Through-Body construction. Seven-piece neck of Maple with Purpleheart and Mahogany core. The neck has a nut width of just over 1 5/8 inches and a thin-to-medium profile. Ebony fretboard with 24 medium frets and inlaid oval 'Mother-of-Pearl' position markers and a graphite nut. Alembic 'Crown' Buckeye Burl faced headstock with onlaid sterling silver logo. The front and the back of the maple headstock feature a five-layer veneer of Buckeye Burl over maple. Individual Alembic Gotoh 'Rotomatic' style tuners with oval metal buttons. Bright metal serial number plate at end of neck engraved "JM 14372  USA" (secured by two screws). Two Alembic HGR sealed humbucking pickups  with outputs of 6.30k and 6.35k. Four controls (two volume and two tone) plus two individual three-way (off/on/bright) mini-toggle switches (one for each pickup) and a two-way mini-toggle switch (on/off) for the neck side-marker (yellow and blue) LED lighting. 'Telecaster' style control knobs with knurled sides. Kahler 2300 Micro-Adjustable Steel Cam with steel saddles combined bridge and tremolo unit. The 'lip' of the control cavity is stamped in blind "J 14372   USA". There are three covers on the back of the guitar, the main control cover with 4 screws, a large battery cover (4 x PP9) and a smaller battery cover (1/PP9) All three of these covers are made of Buckeye Burl over mahogany and are all inlaid with continuous grain pattern. This exceptionally beautiful guitar is in mint (9.50) condition. Complete with the chrome-plated tremolo arm, two Schaller strap locks, adjustment tools and the original Care and Adjustment of your Alembic Guitar booklet. Housed in the original G & G three-latch rectangular 'fitted' black hardshell case with black leather ends and black plush lining (9.50).

A point of interest: Buckeye Burl was used for the top and back of this guitar. This wood is very lightweight and highly shock resistant, and was extensively used for artificial limbs before the plastic age. Buckeye Burl is the most expensive wood that Alembic use - the additional cost for BB is $2,000… which makes the list price of this guitar well over $12,000…

"The body is carved with tummy and elbow contours for an incredibly comfortable fit. The elbow carving also exposes the layers of accent laminates under the top. We think the Heart Omega carving at the bottom of the body makes it all the more "darling." Electronics include a volume and filter for each pickup. Pickup selection is logical with an off/on/bright switch for each pickup. The amount of brightness in the "bright" setting can be adjusted to your personal preferences with a screwdriver-adjusted trimpot in the electronics cavity. Get ready to rethink your effector units and EQ settings, because this guitar is coming at you clean and clear, and it prefers to start things out with flat settings on the rest of your signal chain. The output jack is side-mounted and features welded palladium contacts for durability. (Alembic website)

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