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2013 Yamaha (Japan) Phil X SG1802PX

Color: "Phil Silver", Rating: 9.50, Sold (ID# 01863)
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"One of One"   Phil X's 2013 "Because We Can" Tour Guitar


2013 Yamaha (Japan) Phil X SG1802PX


This unique guitar features a solid carved mahogany body and weighs 9.60 lbs. One-piece mahogany neck with a nice fat nut width of just over 1 11/16 inches, a scale length of 25.00 inches and a wonderful medium-to-thick profile.  Rosewood fretboard with 22 original jumbo frets and Inlaid pearl "X" at twelfth fret. Black faced headstock with inlaid pearl "Yamaha" and on the back the model "SG 1802PX" and serial number "HJH901E" stamped in black. Individual Grover 'Rotomatic' self-locking tuners with half-moon metal buttons. One Arcane PX-90 pickup in the bridge position with a really hot output of 11.95k. There is a cavity for a neck pickup in which Phil X has mounted a small Wolverine (X-Men) figure. Two controls (one volume, one tone) on lower treble bout. Black plastic control knobs with ribbed sides and metal tops. ABR-1 Tune-O-Matic style bridge with metal saddles, separate stud tailpiece. This unique guitar is in near mint (9.25) condition. Housed in the original Yamaha five-latch, shaped black hardshell case with black plush lining (9.25).
This guitar was specially made by Yamaha for the 2013 Bon Jovi "Because We Can" tour - it is the only one finished in 'Phil Silver'… and Phil has signed the face of the headstock in silver marker  "PhilX". Additionally Phil X has placed his personal luminous strips (so that he could see in the dark) at frets 3,5,7,9,15,17,19 & 21. Also Phil has set this guitar up with the "D" and high "E" string wrapped over the stud-tailpiece.

FA. "What is the story with the little figure in the neck pickup cavity?"
Phil X "I've been a huge Wolverine fan since a teenager.  This figure was in many of my guitars before it became part of this guitar".
FA "We understand that this guitar was used by you extensively on the 2013 Bon Jovi tour?"
Phil X "Almost every show (80+) for the song Because We Can".

Canadian Phil X is a highly regarded session musician and touring guitarist. As well as playing in bands such as Triumph and Methods of Mayhem he has toured with Bon Jovi taking over Richie Sambora's spot during his time in Rehab and also when Sambora left the band for personal reasons.  
When Phil started to use Yamaha SG1802's he removed the neck pickup and it's volume and tone controls as well as the pickup selector switch. He firmly believed than even though he didn't use the neck pickup the pull from it's magnets still had an effect on tone.
In December 2012 Yamaha produced the Phil X signature model the SG1801PX. Twelve limited edition SG1802PX models were made (all sold) featuring some unique features. Fitted in the bridge position was a single Arcane PX90 pickup, even though there was only one pickup fitted the guitar was still routed for a neck pickup, selector switch and a full set of tone and volume controls. Phil insisted on this because even though the components aren't fitted he believes the cavities for them still have an effect on tone. The headstock featured Phil's signature and no truss rod cover. At the twelve fret a X logo was inserted. Each model had a P90 base plate fitted in the empty neck pickup cavity Phil on the other hand fills this spot on his guitar with a Dirty Schanzes characterture. Yamaha developed the SG Series with a single goal in mind; to create the best electric guitar possible, without any compromise. The design was based upon the top guitars at the time, but every single detail was reconsidered from the ground up. Not only were the body and neck redesigned, but so were the pickups and bridge. In fact, everything right down to the circuitry and strap pins was original. Some features, which are now considered standard on any guitar, were first developed for the SG. The SG2000 features a long sustain and is very popular with jazz and fusion artists. The SG1000 was created with rock guitarists in mind and is characterized by a sharper attack. Both are handcrafted and the longevity of their popularity is a testament to their outstanding quality. The SG Series guitars are legendary among musicians around the world.

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