Bang a Gong (Get It On) Merchandise

2004 Alex Mortimer Bang a Gong (Get It On)

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MORTIMER, Alexander (Artist). Bang a Gong (Get It On). An Original Portrait of Marc Bolan. 2004. Acrylic paint and ink on canvas, 30 x 20 inches (762 x 508 mm).

Los Angeles-based artist Alexander Mortimer took his degree in Fine/Graphic Arts at College of Marin in Northern California. Over the last twenty years his distinct style, flair, feel for his subjects and the rock n' roll vibe have attracted the eyes of people all across the state and earned him a dedicated fanbase.

Bolan (1947 - 1977), who rose to fame as the pioneer of Glam Rock with his group T Rex and rocketed to the top with Get It On (in the U.S. Bang a Gong to avoid the censors), is seen here playing a 1964 Fender Jaguar in sea foam green with gold hardware, an ax he owned during the late 1960s - early 1970s before giving it to The Police's original guitarist, Henri Padovani, in trade for some studio work. Only four Jags in Sea Foam were made in 1964 and only one - this one - with gold hardware.

Bolan's career began to decline post-1973. He died in a car crash just two weeks shy of his 30th birthday, tragically just as his career was beginning to experience a resurgence.

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