AC-30T Amplifiers

1964 Vox AC-30T

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The Amp that was used for most of the Fretted Americana Phil X Videos

All Original 30 watt Vox AC-10 Tube Combo


1964 Vox AC-30T


This is an all original 30 watt Vox AC-30 tube combo weighing just 69 lbs. The solid pine cabinet measures 20 inches wide x 16 3/4 inches high. The depth of the cabinet is 8 1/2 inches at the top expanding to 9 1/2 inches at the bottom. One original twelve-inch Jensen Alnico P-12R "Special Design" Concert Series Speaker with stamped codes: "220-645" (Jensen 45th week of 1956), and "P12R C 4897 4". Top control panel with two instrument inputs, two microphone inputs, two volume control and one tone control. Original tweed covering with original brown tweed-era grill cloth. The potentiometers are all dated "304 648" (Stackpole, November 1956). The serial number "D 03612"" is stamped on the underside of the chassis and also written in blue ink on the tube chart, which also has the letters "GD" stamped in black (April 1957). The tweed covering is almost mint and the original leather handle has very little wear. A wonderful little fifty-seven-year old legend… just turn it up for real tube gain at a reasonable volume.

"In '55 the narrow-panel style Deluxe was introduced, featuring genuine grille cloth, the new ground switch, and four inputs (model 5E3). Each of the four was connected to a 68k ohm resistor, an input circuit still used by Fender for many of its amps. There was no difference between the Mic and the Instrument channels. The phase inverter circuit was changed to a split load, requiring only half of the 12AX7, leaving the other half as a second preamp stage, common to both channels. Like all preceding versions, the narrow-panel Deluxe used cathode bias for the two 6V6 power tubes.

The first narrow-panel Deluxes had a new script logo and measured 16 1/2" x 18" x 8 3/34". These dimensions were soon enlarged to 16 3/4" x 20" x 9 1/2", around the release of the Vibrolux in '56. These two amps would share cabinets until 1961 and the change to Tolex. The nameplate added the words "Deluxe" c. 1957 and "Fullerton California" for the last models, but very little changed in the circuitry (e.g., model 5E3 from 1960)."

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