AC-30T Amplifiers

1964 Vox AC-30T

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The Amp that was used for most of the Fretted Americana Phil X Videos

All Original 30 watt Vox AC-10 Tube Combo


1964 Vox AC-30T


This is an all original 30 watt 1964 Vox AC-30 tube combo. It weighs 69 lbs. and the solid pine cabinet measures 27 inches wide x 21 inches high. The depth of the cabinet is 10 1/2 inches. Two original ten-inch Celestion/Vox Alnico G10 'Silver Bell' speakers with stamped codes: "8461" and "10N-85" and "10N-86". Top control panel with two "Vibrato" inputs, with three rotary controls (Amplitude/Speed/Volume) and two "Normal" inputs with two rotary controls (Volume/Tone). Five-way rotary switch for mains voltage selection, two-way on/off switch and red pilot light. Original black tolex covering with original brown latticed grill cloth. Serial No. "19505" and Model No. "AC 30T} stamped in blind on rectangular (type 5) metal plate affixed to top back panel of cabinet. The chassis serial number is "01617" (stamped in blind). This is the actual amp that we used in most of the Fretted Americana / Phil X Videos from 2009 -2020 - listen to he sound of this amp - it a really special one…

We had the amp fully fully restored/serviced by 'Tone Wizard' Doug Anderson  in 2013 at a cost of $1,600… Complete with a Variac transformer which keeps the voltage supply at a steady 112 volts.

The tube complement includes one ECC82, one,four, ECC83s, four EL84s and one GZ34.   

"In late 1959, it was determined that Jennings would produce a 30-watt, dual speaker Vox Amplifier. There were a number of catalysts for this decision. By this point Fender Twin amplifiers were being imported by Jennings, and everyone at JMI liked what they saw…

By 1961, Jennings Musical Industries had laid the foundations for a complete Vox amplifier line. JMI introduced the 4 watt AC-2 (later known as the AC-4) as an entry level amp. Next came the 10 watt, single 10" speaker AC-10, marketed by Vox to "the smaller group." The 17 watt, single 12" speaker AC-15 met the needs of the club musician. The 34 watt, dual 12" speaker AC-30 Twin was perched at the top of the Vox line.

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