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1963 Epiphone Crestwood

Color: Cherry, Rating: 9.50, Sold (ID# 00015)
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This super little guitar weighs in at a comfortable 7.40 lbs. The body and neck are solid mahogany and the fretboard is rosewood with 22 frets and oval pearl inlays. The scale length is the standard Gibson 24 3/4 inches and the nut width is a very comfortable 1 11/16 inches. The two mini-humbucking pickups with black plastic surrounds have outputs of 6.96K and 7.71k, and are set in the original clear plastic "batwing" pickguard with two-color white underneath and the familiar Epiphone "E." This guitar is totally original, including the Epiphone vibrato with its rosewood plaque and Tune-O-Matic bridge, and is in near mint condition. Housed in its original gray and black softshell case with blue felt lining. This is an exceptionally rare and "no excuses" guitar -- the pictures tell it all...

Introduced in 1958 (with two New York pickups), and then from 1959 with two mini-humbucking pickups, the $265.00 Crestwood Custom was Epiphone's two pickup equivalent of the $365.00 Gibson Les Paul SG Custom and was produced with this body and headstock shape only until early 1963. Gibson made 811 Les Paul SG Customs in 1961 and 1962, but the exact number of Crestwood Customs produced by Gibson during the same period is unknown. What we do know is that there were far fewer Crestwood Customs made, and this is the first example we have seen. Many players find the three pickup layout of the Gibson Custom rather awkward to play, and so the Epiphone Crestwood Custom, with its identical weight, body measurements, and nut width, is considered by the "one's that know" to be the natural answer...

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