EB-6 Guitars

1961 Gibson EB-6

Color: Sunburst, Rating: 9.25, Sold (ID# 00071)
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One of only 33 guitars made in 1961, this amazingly rare 6 string bass weighs just 7.80 lbs. and has one red hot PAF with a 15.1k output. Laminated maple body, mahogany neck, rosewood fretboard with pearl dot markers. Combined bridge/tailpiece. Minimal body checking, a few small indentations on back of neck, three of the tuner tips slightly shrunken as usual. Otherwise, as fine as you could wish for. Original hardshell case with orange plush lining.

In 1960, Gibson proposed as a compliment to the EB-2, in the semi-solid series, a second bass model, this time with six strings, designated the EB-6. A six-string bass is tuned one octave below a normal guitar and employs the same tuning (EADGBE). In the late 50s a trend for six-string basses was beginning to develop among guitarists who also wanted to play bass, but differently from a regular bass player or with special effects. The EB-6 was widely inspired from the four-string EB-2 with the same scale length (that is 30 1/2 inches), a twenty fret unbound fingerboard and a neck-to-body junction at the 18th fret. The combination bridge/tailpiece was based on the same principal as the unit on the EB-2, with no adjustment string-by-string for intonation. The EB-6 only had one special Humbucking bass pick-up similar in appearance to a normal guitar Humbucker. Like the EB-2, it had a volume and a tone control with a bass/baritone switch in order to broaden the tonal possibilities. The EB-6 resembled more a guitar than a bass, but it was possible to differentiate the EB-6 by it's neck which was slightly longer. Otherwise the tuning machines and the overall appearance were similar to a one pick-up guitar. The semi-solid EB-6 was only offered from 1960 up to about 1962, when the name was applied to a new "solid body" SG-type model with two Humbucking pick-ups. The EB-6 was only available in "Sunburst" and in May 1960, it sold for $325, compared to $285 for an EB-2.

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