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1951 Fender Nocaster

Color: Butterscotch, Rating: 9.00, Sold (ID# 00062)
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Beautifully-grained ash body with a gorgeous and even butterscotch finish. Black bakelite pickguard, 'dome' volume and tone knobs, the date 3/22/51 in the neck cavity. The most creamy and expressive neck pickup, a super hot and screaming flat polepiece bridge pickup, serial number on the bridge, brass saddles. Original ashtray with solder mark, the best playing maple neck that virtually plays itself, original frets, single round string tree, Kluson single line tuners and Spaghetti Logo. Nocasters are highly sought after and are becoming extremely difficult to find; this is a prime all original example!! Apart from some minimal edgewear and lacquer checking, this "Nocaster" is near mint, and certainly the finest and earliest example we have ever seen. Comes complete with original thermometer case.

Gretsch wrote to Fender in February 1951 to stress that they already owned the trademark for the 'Broadcaster' name. CEO, Don Rand opted for the immediate discontinuation of the Broadcaster name…This hiccup with the Broadcaster name did not stop production of electric Spanish guitars at the Fullerton factory. Upon receipt of the Gretsch request, Leo Fender simply clipped the disputed name off the headstock decal. For a period of time, dual pickup models were thus produced with only the Fender brand-name on the peghead… these 1951 guitars have since earned a number of nicknames among which the most commonly accepted today is the "Nocaster"

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