November 9, 2012

This week, Fretted Americana exceeded 30,000,000 video views on our YouTube channel featuring the amazing Phil X demonstrating the treasures in our vault of vintage beauties.

The videos keep getting better and better, with production standards, always high, continuing to improve. Our staff director-videographer-editor, Dustin Jack, is just a marvel, creative with a keen eye and ear, and a true craftsman.

November 6, 2012

Recently we were approached by Pablo Pereira of Calabasas City Spotlight to be featured on his TV spot on The Calabasas Channel 3.


Here is a link to the program that was recorded in October this year :


October 25, 2012

Turn It UP!
has launched on Indiegogo!

The 60-day campaign to raise the finishing funds to save Turn It UP! has begun:
And they need your help! You can go to

October 19, 2012

The return of Phil X Friday Comes to you from Tommy Lee's Atrium Studio!!


With our loyal PA's and crew Chris Thom and Maria Renteria. David, Dustin and Phil X, along with our new audio engineer Smiley Sean are back bringing you a new series of 10 videos!!


We shot 10 guitars at the Atrium, this was the first. I assure you that there will be plenty of Singing, OWWWWS! Screams, HEY MAN's and dog barks for you all to enjoy! :)


October 5, 2012

Dave Hunter's The Fender Telecaster: The Life and Times of the Electric Guitar That Changed the World has just recently been published by Voyageur Press. There have been fourteen books already written about the Tele, including books in Japanese and German. Guitar historians Tony Bacon and Andre Duchossoir have made major contributions to the literature of the Telecaster. Is this book necessary?

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