The return of Phil X Friday Comes to you from Tommy Lee's Atrium Studio!!


With our loyal PA's and crew Chris Thom and Maria Renteria. David, Dustin and Phil X, along with our new audio engineer Smiley Sean are back bringing you a new series of 10 videos!!


We shot 10 guitars at the Atrium, this was the first. I assure you that there will be plenty of Singing, OWWWWS! Screams, HEY MAN's and dog barks for you all to enjoy! :)


The upcoming´╗┐ guitars are: a Flying V, A Gretsch, a Moderne, a LP Jr., A Gibson 350, an Epiphone, a Mustang, a Strat, and another Gretsch... you'll have to tune in to see years, makes and models!! hope you enjoy this one! see you next Friday


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