June 13, 2012

Hey All ---


The first stop of the tour was last night and was a SOLD OUT show!!!!!!...Everyone is RAVING about Rob & Phil   \m/\m/


A HUGE thank you to the Purple Turtle in Camden, UK for hosting our rock stars!


"One of the BEST shows i've ever seen!!!" --- Lee Anderton


May 14, 2012

Captain Lee & Chappers Visit Recap


The Fretted Americana Team had tons of fun with Lee Anderton (the Captain) and Rob Chappers over the weekend!!


For a full vintage shop experience, the boys were taken to Norm’s Rare Guitars and California Vintage Guitar shops on Friday. Despite their exhaustion, we all enjoyed a yummy dinner at our local Thai spot with Phil X, Dustin, and John Kasha.


April 20, 2012

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April 18, 2012

April 5, 2012.   Jim Marshall, the pioneering amplifier designer and builder whose innovations and reputation led to his being dubbed “The Father of Loud,” has died. He was 88.


Along with Leo Fender, Les Paul, and Seth Lover of Gibson, Jim Marshall was one of the founding fathers of  modern music equipment. Introduced during the middle1960s, the Marshal amplifier stack revolutionized live performance, providing the decibel power and glory that has driven rock concerts ever since.


April 4, 2012

CHECK IT OUT...The Top 50 YouTube Guitar Channels.


"The Top 50 Youtube Guitar Channels covers lessons, magazines, manufacturers, guitar stores, reviews, guitarists, and pretty much everything guitar centric. All of the channels below had reached at least 2 million total views by March of 2012. Our focus was on channels producing high quality guitar videos at regular intervals."


Yes, you guessed it...sitting at number 14 is Fretted Americana. Just below Guitar Center and Fender Guitars !!


Fretted Americana - 24,523,943 views

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