November 3, 2011

One night, Mad Max Volume was in the living room of his house working out a new song on his ax. The title of the song was Makin' Mischief.

Mad Max Volume had his amp cranked up to 152, or so it seemed to his poor wife, and was making mischief while writing and playing Makin’ Mischief:

He duck-walked across the room, played his cheap Acme guitar with his teeth, stuck it between his legs, thrusted, and let his freak-flag and wild, freak-hair fly.

November 3, 2011


October 22, 2009. Fretted Americana's YouTube videos have gone viral - like swine flu but good for your health.

Fretted Americana, the most admired and respected dealer of rare, vintage guitars in the world, has continued its race up the YouTube charts, our vintage guitar demo videos now scoring over 2,000,000 views from wildly enthusiastic fans.

This is an increase of over 1,250,000 views since June 2009, when Fretted Americana’s YouTube channel notched a mere (!) 750,000 viewer hits.

November 3, 2011

Les Paul hasn’t died, he’s just changed his address. 


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