July 31, 2012

Hi Guys...


I bought the 1974 Gibson double neck back in December and could not be happier with it.


The double neck is still great - I posted a video of it in action on our website on the Thank You page.


The link is:


It has the band performing Led Zeppelin's "Thank You"...


July 27, 2012

Hey there everyone....


We have just taken a nice order of EVIL*ROBOT-C30s from Tim Dunford of Retro Tone Guitars in COSTA RICA...


Check him out down there in Central America. If you are in the area, you'll be able to try out the C30   -   and he's also getting an EVIL*ROBOT 2/5/18/30 Classic Combo, so you'll be able to try that one out too.


Get on down there to check them out



He'll be getting his amps some time in September, so get your orders in now !!!



July 23, 2012

Download the attached pdf below to check out the guitars that were featured at the Southern California Pomona Guitar Show!!!


...any questions, please email asap....before they're going...going......GONE!

July 12, 2012

The EVIL*ROBOT Amplifiers are quickly becoming the new go-to amp in Hong Kong!!!

A new up-and-coming band called Peri M has been using the EVIL*ROBOT for their shows and the audiences have LOVED the sound of the amps.

Check 'em out here:


"So many people would like to try the evil-robot after the show" - Leo Tang, Chairman Instruments


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