30 Million Views on our Youtube Channel

This week, Fretted Americana exceeded 30,000,000 video views on our YouTube channel featuring the amazing Phil X demonstrating the treasures in our vault of vintage beauties.

The videos keep getting better and better, with production standards, always high, continuing to improve. Our staff director-videographer-editor, Dustin Jack, is just a marvel, creative with a keen eye and ear, and a true craftsman.

Phil X is an even more confident presence and charismatic performer (if that's possible!), and, significantly, we've moved video production from the FretAm vault at our office in Calabasas, CA to Motley Crüe vet Tommy Lee's state-of-the-art Atrium Studio at his home nearby; we’re not just friends but neighbors.

Atrium was “created specifically to provide an environment that inspires creativity and offers a vibey alternative to traditional, commercial recording studios. Located on the entire lower floor of Tommy’s Calabasas residence, The Atrium Studio is equipped to host all stages of a full-blown music production, writing through mixing. Although the facility is mainly for private use, Tommy often opens the doors to fellow friends and musicians to use for their own projects" (Tommy Lee website).

We are completely gassed that Tommy invited FreAm and Phil X into his gorgeous inner sanctum for recording sight and sound.

And we continue to be totally revved that you, our clients and fans, have shown such overwhelming support and enthusiasm for what we're doing - and will continue to do: provide the finest showcase on the planet for the finest vintage guitars in the world.
It’s Video-my-God for guitar-lovers!

Thank you.


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