ML 'Playboy' hand-painted by Victoria Fuller Guitars

2009 Dean ML 'Playboy' hand-painted by Victoria Fuller

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The "Playboy" Dean ML - Hand Painted by Victoria Fuller.


2009 Dean ML 'Playboy' hand-painted by Victoria Fuller.


This exquisite, Victoria Fuller hand-painted, super lightweight Dean ML guitar weighs just 6.00 lbs. Sixteen and half inch wide, one and a half inch deep Flying V style, mahogany body with elongated treble horn. Mahogany neck with a wide nut width of just over 1 11/16 inches, a scale length of 24 3/4 inches and a wonderful medium profile. Rosewood fretboard with 22 original medium frets and abalone dot position markers. White 'V' shaped headstock with "Dean" logo silkscreened in black and "Red Lipsmack" applied by Victoria Fuller. Three-layer, bell-shaped, black over white plastic truss-rod cover with single screw. Individual Grover Roto-Matic tuners with half-moon metal buttons. One Dean "Dime" Zebra humbucker and one Dean "Time Capsule" Zebra humbucker with outputs of 13.27k and 13.20k. Three controls (two volume, one tone) plus three-way selector switch. Gold plastic barrel-shape "Speed" control knobs. Nashville style Tune-O-Matic with metal saddles and modernistic "V" shaped through-body stringing. Together with a photograph of Victoria Fuller embracing the guitar, signed in silver marker on the back "Stars & Stripes / Event @ Playboy Mansion / May 16 2009 / Model: ? / Custom Dean Guitar/ Pained by / Victoria Fuller / Miss Jan 96". Housed in the original three-latch, rectangular black hardshell case with black leather ends and black plush lining (9.25).

Getting your hands on a Playboy Playmate is not a good idea unless you have permission; non-consensual groping is a felony. But if you're a guitar player and have a yen to hold something in your hands with more than just hot tone, here's an opportunity to strum a beautiful body with gorgeous neck, head, tail, and, um, g-string.

Victoria Fuller, Playboy's Playmate of the Month for January 1996, is the centerfold with something extra. She's an accomplished and acclaimed artist whose work has been shown in galleries across the U.S. In 2009, in honor of and support for the brave men and women of  the U.S. armed forces, she was commissioned to hand-paint this fully-playable Dean ML with a striking Playboy motif, had Playboy founder Hugh Hefner sign it, autographed it herself, then had the crew at Dean overspray her design for a brilliant finish.

It was originally auctioned on May 16, 2009 during Playboy's  Stars and Stripes 09 benefit to raise money for the Wounded Warriors Project, held at the world-famous Playboy Mansion in Los Angeles. Victoria was the event's co-hostess with the most-ess. Born and raised in Santa Barbara, California with three generations of artists on both sides of her family, art is as deeply a part of her DNA as is the breathtaking body she lives in: she's an artist who's a work of art in and of herself.

Because artists routinely invest themselves into their work, it is not an exaggeration to claim that holding this custom Dean ML is like holding a part of Victoria in your arms. Once in your possession, you may have your way with it without fear of arrest and conviction. In fact, the only conviction you'll have is that this is one of the nicest guitars you've ever played; it's definitely a playmate for all months and years. Check out its vital stats. Then take a cold shower.

The Dean ML was created by Dean Zelinsky in 1977 to be the guitar with the ultimate sustain and tone. The unusual string angles and string length due to the size of the headstock contribute to the overall resonance. It is the most well known Dean Guitar due to the radical look and V shaped Headstock and V shaped tailpiece. Named after Dean Zelinsky's best friend, Matthew Lynn, It was popularised by the guitarist Dimebag Darrell of Pantera. It is one of the most well known heavy metal guitars and has received many tributes from guitarists such as Michael Angelo Batio and Dimebag Darrell. The Time Capsule series of pickups are what Dean currently use in their original TC series guitars. These pickups capture the biting tones of the vintage Dean instuments produced from 1977 to 1986 with very strong lows and mids.

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