Friends of Fretted Americana

Check out STEVE RUSSELL'S VINTAGE HOFNER SITE and our 1960 Hofner 456/S/b Archtop on his page at:

Visit our good friends at Lindy Fralin Pickups.

Our friend, Myles Rose, is the Amp Master and if he doesn't know, no one does. Visit him at Guitar Amplifier Blueprinting.

Our pal Joe Ganzler of Ganzler Incorporated is one of the most respected authenticators rare vintage guitars in the world. Joe is now working with us to certify selected guitars in our inventory so you'll have peace of mind with your purchase.

Visit the website of master luthier James Trussart, who is making some of the best guitars on the market today, breaking the mold by building kick-ass instruments out of various metals that capture the vintage look and sound we all crave.


To see some amazing guitars, check out McSwain Guitars.   Tired of seeing the same old guitars and designs? Artist, luthier & musician Stephen McSwain decided to create a new breed he likes to call "functional art."  Each instrument is hand made, one at a time, and has unique characteristics that make it a highly collectible guitar or piece of art, depending on how you look at it. A true creative, McSwain's enthusiasm and passion for his craft is nothing short of infectious. As he befriends his clients he manages to include something of them and himself directly into every guitar - having them become more than just a guitar. You can contact us if you want to know more or check out his website at:

SCOTT LENTZ GUITARS. In 1975 Scott Lenz decided to dedicate his life to improving the electric guitar. Through the years Scott has worked on perfecting his skills as a craftsman. His accomplishments in the field are stuff of legend. From restoration to the guitars producted today, we know the gift Scott possesses separates him from the average and elevates the entire industry to a new level. Scott Lentz Sr. has taught his son well - Scott Lentz Jr. has now been in the business for over twenty years. Some of his many talents include Guitar Buildar, Master Technician, Electronic Engineer, Finish Technician, Quality Control, Business Advisor, Information Technology Specialist and Website Producer. Lentz Guitars make instruments for the discerning musician. Their website is:  Tel: 1-760-743-1598


JULIAN ROCK MEMORIAL. Go to this webpage and please donate to this great cause... Donate to St. Jude Children's Research Hospital. Make a difference.



We now have the following U.S. Distributors for the EVIL*ROBOT amps:

Los Angeles-based online dealership. Website:

Rebel Guitars, Alabama. Email: Website:   Tel: 256.872.5577

Guitar Center/Musicians Friend. Visit your local Guitar Center and ask them to order you an EVIL*ROBOT amp or just go online at either or to order your EVIL*ROBOT-C30 amp.



We now have International Distributors for the EVIL*ROBOT amps in the following areas:


Henry Dalkin, Sky Music. Email: Website:  Tel: +61.3 9546 0188, or +61.3 9546 0388


Bill Bates, KAOS Music Centre. Email: Website:   Tel: 416.233.2232

Costa Rica:

Tim Dunford, Retro Tone Guitars. Email: Website:  Tel: 1.506.2296.4650


Stefan Farnell, Farrooth AB. Email:  Tel: +46.70.516.9715


Patrick Geser, Gitarren Total AG. Email:  Website:  Tel: +41.44.463.1616

United Kingdom:

Lee Anderton, Andertons Music Co. Email: Website: Tel: +44 1483 456777


If you would like to be a distributor of our amplifiers, please email us at


We are interested in setting up distributorships in countries worldwide. Please contact us if you are a reputable music store or distributor.


Other Cool Sites

Please visit the websites for Fretted Americana staffer, photographer Dustin S. Jack.

Stop by and visit our sister firm David Brass Rare Books. Like Fretted Americana, DBRB offers only the best of the best in original, finest possible condition for an enduring investment-quality collectable to treasure, admire and enjoy.

Check out the Phil X site at

We have some terrific guitar videos on YouTube. Check Them Out!

Killer guitarist Phil X, one of the hottest guitarists on the scene today, video demonstrates many of our guitars here at FretAm.

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Buddy of ours, Joe Millo has started his own business - <>  He founded the company to provide disaster preparation assistance to people who don’t know what they need to do to prepare for even the smallest disruption in everyday life. "I’ve been prepping for years and modeled the company on the plans I’ve built for family and friends. The timing is perfect, especially considering the nationwide interest in prepping. We offer long-term food and water storage along with some heavy-duty survival gear. We’ve taken the guesswork out of the process and provide a simple way to prepare for an uncertain future". Good luck Joe...



Guitar Makers 

Of course, check out the usual suspects' websites:






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David Brass Rare Books.  1-818-222-4103.  Finest Copies.Evil * Robot - 818-222-4113.