March 27, 2015

Todays guitar of the week is a 1968 Fender Telecaster


March 20, 2015

This week, David's Pick of the Week is a 1956 Gibson ES-140D...


And this is why:


"Today's Guitar of the Week is more than a rarity – in fact it is the only one that I have ever seen or heard of…

It is a (deep bodied) 1956 Gibson ES-140 - but this is no ordinary ES-140 - this example has two P–90 pickups – and is 100% factory original.

We have fully documented and photographed this lovely little guitar and it will be featured in future books on Gibson guitars.

March 12, 2015

Check out David's Pick of the Week...

The vintage guitar world is full of little bits of minutia, eccentricities and oddballs… nectar for those of us who are seriously addicted…
Over the years I have come across many guitars that are 'different' or 'special' and sometimes unique…


March 11, 2015

Specially made for Phil by Yamaha for the 2013 Bon Jovi "Because We Can" tour - it is the only one finished in "Phil Silver"...


FA. "What is the story with the little figure in the neck pickup cavity?"
Phil X "I've been a huge Wolverine fan since a teenager.  This figure was in many of my guitars before it became part of this guitar".
FA "We understand that this guitar was used by you extensively on the 2013 Bon Jovi tour?"
Phil X "Almost every show (80+) for the song Because We Can".

June 27, 2014


The Paoletti Wine Series instrument range include the Stratospheric, Nancy, Les Paoletti, SG Replica, Flying V Replica or Skybass have chestnut bodies (130-170 years old), with or without the “nails” binding, Honduras mahogany necks, Macassar ebony fretboards, brass pickguards and dedicated custom Paoletti hand made pickups.

Fretted Americana, Inc. is proud to be the sole USA Paoletti authorized dealer. Any of the above models can be specially ordered from us.

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