No amps were harmed while making this video

We hope you enjoy this video which was sent to us by one of our dearest clients...


"This is the sequel to the first Evil Robot video that I made in 2010.

Having played the amp for the last two years has allowed me to find all of the sweet spots and to dial in my perfect tone. As you'll hear, the Evil Robot is capable of a wide array of tones.

I captured the tones using a Shure SM57 placed at the left edge of the speaker. The tone you will hear is a mix of the mic'd signal and some room ambiance that was captured with the video camera mic.

For the majority of the video, the Channel A Volume is set almost to 12:00 and the Tone is set to 2:00. The Bright switch is engaged for the entire video. The only change I make to the settings comes at the 5:39 mark, when I jump Channels A and B and then dial the Channel B Volume into the mix. This adds some girth and warmth to the tone AND it sounds killer.

I love the tones I can get with the Evil Robot. I've never kept a piece of gear as long as I've kept this amp. I will never be without it.

Rock on!"


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