Hi everyone  -  For our guitar of the week I have chosen a one-owner (complete with the original receipt dated September 1960) D'Angelico "Double Electric" - this guitar is rather like a Gibson L-5 but has a thinner 2 3/4 inch deep body rather like an L-5 CT – the George Gobel model.

John D'Angelico (1905-1964) hand-built just over one thousand guitars between 1932 and 1960 – rarely exceeding 30 instruments per year. By 1937 he had settled on at least four main 'f'-hole archtop guitars, all heavily influenced by the Gibson L-5. By the late 1940s, D'Angelico was only building the Excel and the New Yorker.

The quality, finish, playability and sound of these guitars is unsurpassed. Our guitar is not a "New Yorker" of which approximately 300 were made – but a rather unusual and quite rare "Double Electric" with a single venetian cutaway and two original Fransch pickups.
The guitar has the most amazing Tangerine 'Tiger' Burst one-piece laminated maple top…

See for yourself – have a great weekend

David B

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