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Todays guitar of the week is a 1968 Fender Telecaster


Hi everyone,

What sets this guitar apart is that it does not have the standard 'blond' finish but has a rather rare custom color 'Olympic White' finish…

Added to this is the fact that this guitar also has the 'maple-cap' neck. The maple-cap neck is very different from the 1950s one-piece maple necks. Offered by special order only from around 1964 and as an alternative to the standard rosewood fretboard from 1968 thru 1970 these used an actual slab maple fingerboard glued to the maple neck, hence no "skunk stripe" down the back of the neck for the truss rod. Many players prefer maple fingerboards as they give a slightly 'brighter' sound than their rosewood cousins… Unfortunately this option was quite short-lived - after 1970 if you wanted a maple fingerboard you had to be satisfied with the standard one–piece maple neck of the fifties.


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