If you’re here that means you’ve been to one of the HQ Gastro Pubs and realized that along with an amazing food and drink experience, you also get to see some of the finest vintage guitars in the world - provided by Fretted Americana.

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Huntington Beach


Woodland Hills


You will find all of our guitars that are on display at either HQ Huntington Beach or HQ Woodland Hills with the full descriptions, photos and purchase prices! All you have to do when you are in the restaurant is summon a manager and request to purchase an instrument… IT’S THAT EASY. You can buy your dream guitar right at your table. Your HQ manager has all the photos of your dream guitar at his fingertips on an iPad.  

We hope you enjoy the electric guitar history we have on-hand and we welcome your business! 

You can also order the guitar of your choice directly through us and we will arrange for the guitar to be shipped to you or you are welcome to call for an appointment to collect the guitar from us. Feel free to contact us for any further information 818-222-4113 or email us at:

 Thanks for rocking’ with us!


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